Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erçakıca, from Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Faculty of Law, participated in a conference namely ‘From Conflict to Post Conflict: Current Challenges’, organized by Özyeğin University and Jus Gentium International Law Association, on 17 July 2021. In the conference, different aspects of international conflicts and post conflict periods are discussed. Topics such as the armed conflicts under international law, the role of UN, International Humanitaria Law and post conflict transitional justice activities are evaluated. Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erçakıca gave a speech namely ‘The Role of UN to Protect Human Rights in Conflict Zones’. Dr. Aslı Özçelik Olcay, from University of Glasgow Faculty of Law, talked on ‘The Role of Peace Agreements in Peacebuilding’. Assist. Prof. Dr. Merve Özkan Borsa, from İstanbul University Faculty of Political Science, talked on ‘The Role of International Courts & Tribunals with Regards to International Armed Conflict,’ and Güley Bor, an independent researcher, talked on ‘Transformative Reparations for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence,’.

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