On January 29, 2022, two academic members, Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay and Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Karşılı from Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Business Department, successfully represented our university by participating in the VII. International Battalgazi Scientific Studies Congress which was held in Malatya, Turkey.

Due to Covid-19 the congress was held online. The presentation of Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay’s was titled “How Does Human Resource Management Facilitate Mental Health of Employees at Workplace during the COVID-19 Pandemic?”, and the presentation of Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Karşılı’s was titled “Empower Up! Impact of Empowering Co-workers on Career and Stress: Evidence of Public Hospitals”.

The first session was moderated by Assist. Prof. Dr. İzzet Atalay in Hall 1 with 10 presentations. A total of 235 participants were provided for the congress, which was held in 3 sessions and 5 halls.

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