Bahçeşehir Cyprus University became a full member of Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research (ATLAS).

ATLAS was established in 1991 to develop transnational educational initiatives in tourism and leisure. ATLAS provides a forum to promote staff and student exchange, transnational research and to facilitate curriculum and professional development. It currently has about 156 members in around 55 countries worldwide. ATLAS has regional chapters in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East and has also established a regional chapter in Latin America.

By being a member, School of Tourism and Hotel Management lecturers and other interested staff can have access to the resources provided by ATLAS, communicate with member universities and take part in the following research groups:

Cultural Tourism Research Group

Gastronomy and Tourism Research Group

Business Tourism Research Group

Cities and National Capital Tourism Research Group

Volunteer Tourism Research Group

Events Research Group

Dark Tourism Research Group

Heritage Tourism and Education Research Group

Space, Place, Mobilities in Tourism Research Group

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