Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Department of Architecture has been accepted as a member of “Cumulus” (International Association of Art, Design and Media). “Cumulus” is an association established in 1990 and recognized by UNESCO since 2011. It has members and partners from many countries that support education and research in the fields of art, design and media.


Our Vice Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Toker in her speech said that “Bahçeşehir Cyprus University aims to educate its students as professionals who are sensitive to scientific and professional developments in the field of design, who can follow, understand and interpret the research and applications carried out in national and international platforms and who can contribute to the field. It also values international joint education and research within the framework of its work on the art of shaping living spaces. In this sense, international memberships are of great importance. “Cumulus” is an international organization based in Finland and has 376 members from 64 different countries around the world. It is a collaborative platform that promotes education, research and knowledge sharing in the field of Art, Design and Media. After a long preparation process, the members are elected as a result of the voting in the general assembly that takes place once a year. It is an honor for us that Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Architecture Department has been accepted as a member after attending and presenting at the Design Culture(s) Rome 2021 conference held in Rome between 8-11 June 2021. This membership is also important in terms of being the ‘first Department of Architecture in Cyprus to be a member of “Cumulus” within the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering’. I would like to thank especially our Head of Architecture Department, Assist.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Eyyamoğlu for his hard work, to all those who contributed during our membership application process to “Cumulus” and our references İzmir Economy University and St. Petersburg University for their support”.

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