Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Law Society organized a seminar on “Human Rights in Northern Cyprus”. Adv. Sevilay Yıldırımer Candanal and Adv. Deniz Düzgün from Cyprus Turkish Bar Association Human Rights Committee were the guest speakers of the event. The speakers talked about three main topics including; fundemantal human rights, common problems that international students face in Northern Cyprus, and a Project called “Justice for Human Trafficking Victims” which is carried out by the bar.

Adv. Sevilay Yıldırımer Candanal and Adv. Deniz Düzgün also mentioned the currenct issues and provided some real-life examples for university’s international students, in order to inform them about any complication they may face. The students showed a lot of interest to the seminar, and also got informed on which institutions and organizations to call in case of a relevant emergency. After the seminar, they also had a Q&A session with the guest speakers.

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