Bahcesehir Cyprus University Administrative Sciences and Public Policies Research Center (ASSP) Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Balyemez and Asst. Prof. İsmail Bahadır Turan, held in Niğde between 03-05.06.2022. They participated in the event called “The Future of the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey International Symposium” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Atatürk Culture, Language, and History High Institution, Atatürk Research Center Presidency, and Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University. At the symposium, Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Balyemez, “Intelligence Activities in the Formation and Shaping of Britain’s Eastern Mediterranean Policies,” and Asst.Prof. Ismail Bahadır Turan, presented their paper titled “The Political Economy of Cyprus: The Origin of Insolvency.”

In the symposium, which covers studies in the fields of geography, economics, public administration, sociology, history, politics and international relations, “Eastern Mediterranean in the Historical Process (cultural, political, and economic situation)”, “Strategic Situation of the Eastern Mediterranean”, “Eastern Mediterranean Policies of States”, “Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean” and “Future Effects of the Region (expectations, suggestions)” were also covered in depth.

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