BAU Global has opened its promotion, liaison, and student admissions office in Lahore, Pakistan. In this regard, BAU Cyprus International Office Coordinator, Nuket Tanol visited the Turkish Republic Consul General Mr. Emir ÖZBEY, and his Vice, Ms. Esra SALTIK in Lahore. During the meetings, The Consul General expressed his support and satisfaction for this initiative of BAU Global. Mr. Emir Özbey, who visited the office on-site, got personally involved with the consultants working in the BAU Global Lahore office.


BAU Cyprus International Office Coordinator Nuket Tanol performed a visit to the University of Punjab which is the largest state university of Pakistan. At the University of Punjab, a meeting was held with the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmed, the Vice-Rector, Dr. Saleem Mazhar, and several Faculty Deans. During the meeting, Punjab University’s administration who signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bahçeşehir Cyprus University in 2020 came to an agreement to establish an institutional cooperation with the BAU Istanbul University and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with them.


Having paid official visits to many educational institutions, BAU Cyprus International Office Coordinator, Ms. Tanol shared information about BAU Global’s international operations and activities at school and university levels.

Ms.Tanol appeared as a quest on a radioshow broadcasted on FM91, a leading radio channel in Lahore, and informed the listenership about the opportunities offered to Pakistani students in Turkey, especially at Bahçeşehir University. Nuket Tanol also informed the audience about the BAU philosophy and the administrative principles and practices at BAU.

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