The coronavirus, which affected the whole world, has been also observed in our country. As Bahceşehir Cyprus University, we have already taken our precautions against the virus. We organized seminars for our students and academic staff about the ways for prevention of coronavirus. We have applied disinfectant and disinfecting agents our buildings and the place and areas where our students can reach. Firstly, we ask our students, academic staff and administrative staff not to panic, to stay calm, to ignore explanations which they do not know the source and to consider the explanations and statements of experts and authorized persons. You can receive further information on website of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health.


COVID-19 virus is transmitted and spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. By touching the surfaces or places contaminated with these droplets, the virus may be transmitted by touching with the contaminated and dirty hands to the face, eyes, nose or mouth without washing.

It is essential to apply the following simple and effective methods for protection.

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

• If you are at Bahcesehir Cyprus University, you can use disinfectants in common spaces such as elevator and door entrances in all our campuses.

• Do not touch your face with dirty hands.

• You can use and apply 80% alcoholic cologne to disinfect your hand.

• When sneezing and coughing, cover your mouth with your arm, not with your hand.

• Contactless greetings, avoid handshake, cheek-to-cheek kissing, and hug.

• If you show cold or flu diseases symptoms, take care of your health more closely.

• Do not use public transportation if possible.

Please click here to get more information about precautions at BAU Cyprus against Coronavirus.


  • If you have coughing, dyspnea/respiratory disorder, fever and sore throat symptoms, immediately consult and go to the health center.
  • When you feel these symptoms, apply and go to the medical services department of university if you are at Bahceşehir Cyprus University campuse.
  • If you feel too sick to go to seek medical care, call 0533 850 11 88 / 0548 850 11 88 Emergency Service to explain your medical condition.

If one of your friends or students feels sick at BAU Cyprus

  • If a student complains about fever, coughing and dyspnea/respiratory disorder, that student should be taken to the medical services department immediately.
  • The nurse and student wear a surgical mask, inform the family of the student about the medical condition and help the student to go to the medical institutions.
  • Any student with respiratory symptoms and fever should be kept in a closed area controlled with a closed door, and be isolated from other students.

When and How to Use Surgical Masks?

Fabric/cloth masks do not protect you from virus. The masks which are not used according to the rules become more vulnerable to viruses. If you feel sick and are diagnosed, you should wear a mask to prevent the virus from infecting other people.

When and How to Use Surgical Glove?

The use of sterile gloves against coronavirus is also not recommended. These gloves used by health personnel are used based on certain rules. These gloves become permeable after a certain hour. For this reason, it is also not recommended to use gloves.

For Further Information

See the website of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health.

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