Bahçeşehir Cyprus University has been accredited by one of the most renowned international quality assurance and accreditation bodies in language education, Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services (Eaquals) whose mission is based on excellence in language education.


After undergoing a highly demanding inspection process from November 4 to 5 , Bahçeşehir Cyprus University English Preparatory School was found to be above the standards in the first inspection and honored with excellence and received its certification as an Eaquals accredited member until 31 December 2025 with outstanding success. The English Preparatory School program, which was awarded the Eaquals accreditation achieved a significant success by receiving the ‘points of excellence’ in all 12 categories.


On 4-5 November 2021, Eaquals director Ludka Kotarska and expert evaluator Donald Staub visited Bahçeşehir Cyprus University on site and evaluated and awarded Bahçeşehir Cyprus University English Preparatory School with excellence in terms of; Standards in Administration and Administration, Quality Assurance, Communication with Staff, Communication with Students and Other Stakeholders, Course Design and Supporting Systems, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Certification, Academic Resources, Student Services, Staff Profile and Development, Staff Employment Conditions and Learning Environment.


What is EAQUALS?

Eaquals awards accreditation to language schools through an extensive and multidimensional evaluation process to foster excellence in language education across the world. Founded in 1991, Eaquals presently advises the Council of Europe on language policy issues and works with numerous leading international institutions in language education. Furthermore, Eaquals conducts research and provides extensive consultancy and training services in areas such as curriculum development, assessment, teacher development and academic management.  The member institutions of Eaquals operate in over 30 countries worldwide and Eaquals-accredited centers teach more than 25 different languages.

Details of the areas of excellence in all 12 categories of quality standards as identified by Eaquals can be found at :

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