Dear faculty members, students and employees;

The Minister of Health of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Dr. Ali Pilli, has announced that Covid-19 (Corona), which has infected a large number of people and has been spreading rapidly around the world, has been detected in a patient in our country too.

As BAU Global, we have established a Science Committee under the leadership of our Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences. As Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, we carry out all our decisions regarding the Corona virus process in line with the works of our Science Committee.

We need to share the measures we have taken for Covid-19 (Corona) virus, general information about the virus and the necessary information to provide your personal protection. Until now, corona virus has not been determined within the bodies of our students, lecturers and staff in BAU, and the precautions taken are made to protect our all students, lecturers and staff.

What is Covid-19 (Corona) virus?

Covid-19 (Corona) virus is a family of viruses that are distributed between MERS, common cold, Middle East respiratory syndrome, SARS and severe acute respiratory failure syndrome Corona virus.

According to the researches, Corona virus is transmitted through contact via areas such as mouth, eyes and nose. In these studies, no results were obtained indicating that the virus was transmitted by air.

The virus can be transmitted directly or indirectly by sneezing or coughing of a sick individual over you or any surface you may touch. If you think you are sick, you should wear a mask to protect your environment.

Necessary Measures for Covid-19 (Corona) Virus not to Spread

Our current measures based on the measures suggested by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey for prevention of Covid-19 (Corona) and similar respiratory diseases are as follows.

– Stay home when you are sick.

– If you have symptoms of high fever, coughing and shortness of breath, contact a healthcare provider immediately.

– Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds. When there is no water and soap, use alcohol-based hand cleaners.

– Cover your mouth with inside of your elbow while sneezing and coughing.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth without washing your hands.

– Ventilate closed areas frequently. Avoid close contact with elderly and chronic patients.

– Wearing of masks of the uninfected people does not prevent transmission of the virus.

– Even if it is an allergic condition, it is very important for people with signs of the disease to wear a mask.

– Avoid contact with external surfaces.

Information Regarding Overseas Travels

We request our students, lecturers and employees, who traveled to any country where there are infected people or who plan to travel to any country in the near future, to give information to our University before and after their travels and complete a 14-day rest at home within the measures proposed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.


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