Master of Business Administration

Business Administration master program is designed to provide students with the ability to design, implement and analyze the processes which are required for management functions of the students, and to train graduates who are able to carry out their profession and continue to their studies at higher level programs according to their will.

Master of Political Science and International Relations

Political Science and International Relations master program aims to provide students with a solid theoretical and methodological background in the field of global politics and to reach an academic awareness within this framework. The program aims that the students will have the ability to make in-depth analysis of social, political and economic processes and make global system analysis in this direction. The ultimate goal of the program is to train experts in the field of global politics for both the bureaucracy and the private sector.

MSc in Computer Engineering (With or Without Thesis)

Today, there is a rapid increase in the number of studies in the field of Computer Engineering and this is the result of Technology and Informatics becoming a greater part of our daily lives and -interdisciplinary studies becoming increasingly important throughout the world.

The aim of BAU Cyprus Computer Engineering Master’s Program is to train researchers who are well-informed about the theoretical and applied knowledge of their field. In addition, it aspires to educate, – researchers, who can follow the developments in this field simultaneously with the rest of the world, who are equipped with the design, development and security of information systems. This new MSC program also aims to equip experts with advanced problem-solving skills who are focused on practice.

Master's Programme in Architecture (With or Without Thesis)

The courses in the Architecture Master’s Program emphasize the relationship between architecture and other disciplines while linking contemporary theory and criticism with architectural production. Architecture is undergoing significant transformations both in practice and in theory, with the development of computer technologies and the prominence of the concepts of globalization and sustainability. In this context, the fields of expertise and scope of architecture are also transforming and new research areas are emerging.

The content of the Master’s Program in Architecture, where the language of instruction is English, has been created in accordance with international standards. Students will learn through international research and gain an international perspective while interacting with colleagues from different cultures. Graduates of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Architecture Master’s Program will have the competence to take part in scientific research and development projects, both national and international. It is aimed that the graduates take an active role as experts, who can play a role in the transformation of the profession.

In this direction, the main purpose of the whole program is to provide qualified graduates equipped with advanced technology, modern art and advanced knowledge, which are needed at the national and international level.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Architecture Master’s Program is a 2-year program with and without thesis, and it consists of different architectural fields under a single program.

In this context, candidates have many sub-categories such as Architectural Design and theory, History of Architecture, Traditional Architecture, Architectural Identity, Housing, Urban Design, Renovation, Conservation, Restoration, Structure and Design, Disabled Design, Construction Management and Technology, Architectural Engineering, Earthquake, Interior Architecture. In addition to the branch, they will be able to work in the field they want to be an expert and they are interested in.

Master's Programme in International & Comprative Law (With or Without Thesis)

The BAU Cyprus Master’s Programme in International & Comparative Law aims at promoting academic skills of the students on growing interaction between different legal systems and how common perceptions of law emerge in national and international domains. To that end, the program offers a diverse range of courses designed to familiarize students with a variety of methodological perspectives in International & Comparative Law and to examine how legal issues are resolved in various legal systems. The program’s primary objectives are to teach students to conduct critical analysis and to apply interdisciplinary methodologies while engaging in comparative legal research with an emphasis on international law.

The international faculty of the BAU Cyprus Master’s Programme in International & Comparative Law’s invites students to cultivate their legal expertise in a multicultural environment.

The programme offers both a thesis-based and non-thesis-based Master’s degree in International & Comparative Law. The language of the programme is English.

Business Ph.D Program

The newly established PhD programme in Business aims to give students relevant, current, and applicable theoretical knowledge to contribute to the literature and produce effective research in business studies.

In line with this target, our Business PhD programme is designed to offer an education that meets the needs of problems in the business world and other social structures globally. Enrolled PhD students are given the opportunity to conduct research in business studies through compulsory and elective courses.

Political Science and International Relations Ph.D. program

The Political Science and International Relations doctoral programme with thesis aims to provide students with a solid theoretical and methodological background in the field of global politics and to deepen their academic formation within this framework. Within the scope of the program, students are expected to be able to examine social, political, and economic processes in depth and to conduct global system analyses in this direction in order to make sense of global relations. The program’s ultimate goal is to train experts in political science and international relations for both the bureaucracy and the private sector.

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