2022-2023 Academic Year Tuition Fees

International Students

Programs Tuition Fee 50% Scholarship*
Bachelor’s Programs 5,800 USD 2,900 USD
Associate Programs 5,800 USD 2,900 USD
English Preparatory School 5,800 USD 2,900 USD


* Tuition fee scholarship is offered at our entrance and scholarship exam. Students need to pay 125 USD Social fund.


Master Programs:

Course registration fee (per course) 375 USD
Thesis registration fee 750 USD
Seminar registration fee 75 USD
Deficiency course registration fee 250 USD
English Preparatory School 1,450 USD
Social Fund 125 USD
Ph.D Programs
Course registration fee (per course) 750$ Scientific Foundation fee (per course) 270$
Thesis registration fee (4 semesters) 3000$ English Preparatory School (per semester) 1450$
Seminar registration fee 270$ Registration and Social Fund (per year) 125$


* Ph.D students are required to pay at least three courses and social activity fees in advance. ($750*3 = $2250.00 + $125 social fund = $2375.00)

**The tuition fee of the students who receive the acceptance letter will be calculated by the number of courses they have taken.

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