The Individual Time Trial (ITT) TRNC Championship, organized by the Cyprus Turkish Cycling Federation, was held in Lefke on Sunday, 18 September. A total of 62 cyclists pedaled in 10 different categories in the championship held on the 18 km track.
Our sportsman Emre Kaplan became the champion in the Star Men’s A category, leaving behind his competitors. Kaplan won the first place in both races by pedaling in the U17 category at the TRNC (TT) Pointed Road Championship on September 25, 2022 and the MTB Marathon Championship held on October 09, 2022.
Visiting Bahçeşehir Cyprus University with the gold medals he won, Kaplan thanked Eral Osmanlar, Chairman of BAU Cyprus Board of Trustees, for his support to sports and sportsmen. Pointing out the importance of condition and motivation in order to be successful in the races, Osmanlar wished continued success to our sportsman, who made our country and university proud.
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