The Turkish Historical Society, which is part of the Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History brought the personal archives of Osman ÖREK, who served as the Speaker of the Assembly and Prime Minister in the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, and Necati Özkan, one of the first leaders of the Turkish Cypriots, for the use of researchers. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Management Sciences and Public Policy Research Center Board Member Assoc. Dr. Mehmet BALYEMEZ coordinated the meetings between the Foundation and the Instutition.

To the ceremony held in the Conference Hall of the Turkish Historical Society for the signing of the protocol determining the work to be done on the archives in question; President of the Turkish Historical Society Prof. Dr. Birol ÇETİN, Osman ÖREK’s children Hasan and Yeşim ÖREK GÜMÜŞDAĞ and Necati ÖZKAN Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees Necati Ahmet ÖZKAN, Foundation Board Member Leman Özkan, Director of TRNC National Archives Research Department Ejden SADRAZAM and Assoc. Dr. Mehmet BALYEMEZ attended.

President of the Turkish Historical Society Prof. Dr. Birol ÇETİN, who spoke at the ceremony, emphasising that exemplary historical figures should not be forgotten, thanked the Örek family for bringing the archive of this important name in the history of the TRNC to the present.

As a result of the negotiations between the Institution and Örek family, which started last year, classification studies started on a large part of the Osman Örek Collection which consists of documents collected between the years 1950-2000, in January. 646 document summaries from the collection belonging to Örek were made, and a total of 11,550 documents of which the digital image was taken consisting of 646 documents were obtained. Besides, a video of a total of 129 GB of 36 CD’s (consisting of TV programmes Osman Örek and his daughter Yeşim Örek participated in on the history Turkish struggle, Cyprus documentaries, Osman ÖREK’s funeral and commemoration ceremonies in the following years) were also captured in Turkish and were added to the archive of the Turkish Historical Society.

An important archive will be made available to researchers working on the history of Cyprus, after the classification studies are carried out in line with the protocol that enables the Necati Özkan Foundation and the personal archives in the Foundation and the 9-volume digital archive of the Istiklal Newspaper published in Cyprus, covering the years 1949-1953, to be included in the Institution.

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